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 Screen Printing Select, Inc.
Terms and Conditions
As of 5/31/2022



Spoilage –We recognize the industry standard of a 2% damage rate for each job. This allowance will cover any damaged or misprinted items in relation to the total number of goods ordered for each individual job and these items will not be refunded or replaced at our cost. We will credit accounts for any spoilage in excess of 2% (rounded to the nearest whole number). If your job requires exact amounts, we ask that you provide us with extra of all required items to allow for error.

Decoration Variation – Due to potential inconsistencies in the goods used to produce your product, as well as the human element of our staff, we follow the industry standard allowance of up to one-half inch in print location variance in all directions, as well as up to five-degree orientation variance from the intended print axis. If pantones are provided, we will do our best to be within 1 shade of variation on any colors. Otherwise it will be left up to the interpretation of the operator.

Direct to Garment (DTG) Prints – We use state of the art Brother direct to garment printers in our facility. This allows us to print full color, photo realistic images on a variety of garments that will closely resemble the art provided. However, we are limited to the CMYK color-space and how the printer interprets your art file. Color tones and transparencies can be effected by shirt color and shirt quality as well. In addition, every computer/phone screen presents colors differently so there will be a variation from your end to ours. If you require the final product to exactly match your vision, we recommend purchasing a sample first, so that you have the opportunity to make changes before a larger run is produced.

Customer Supplied Garments – Our standard markup will be applied to all supplied garments based on the current market value of those items. This covers all required handling of the items. SPS will not refund or replace any misprinted garments. The printing fee will be removed for any misprinted garments.

Turnaround – Unless otherwise agreed upon, standard turnaround will typically be within ten business days, from the date of your final approval. However, volume of orders fluctuates frequently, and we may require additional time to complete your job. Please inquire about our current expected turnaround time when placing your order. Additionally, when finishing services are requested, it will require up to five additional business days to finish preparing your product.

Rush Order – Rush order fees are determined based on when the work order is approved, and garments are in hand. Rush order fees will be charged retroactively if all terms are not met.

i.e. If your minimum turnaround time is four business days, the garments must be in hand and the work order must be approved by Monday, 11:59PM ET for a Friday due date. The due date is the last possible date the order needs to be picked up or shipped.

Payment Terms – All invoices must be paid in full at the time of pickup or shipment unless otherwise agreed upon terms have been established. After 30 days, a 2% finance charge per month will be imposed for any unpaid invoices. After 90 days, SPS, Inc. will turn over the invoice to collections. 

Shipping – All drop shipments are subject to company shipping and handling fees of $5.00 per box. Allow one additional day for a scheduled pickup when determining the due date of your order. We utilize UPS for our bulk shipping services. If you